Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Official Multi Player Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 expands the possibilities of Call of Duty Multiplayer. The new movement system allows players to fluidly chain movements together while playing in maps that have been designed from the ground-up to push strong head-to-head action. Choose to play as one of nine new Specialists, each with their own look, personality, abilities, and level progression system. Finally, equip up to five attachments and an optic while customizing nearly every aspect of your loadout with the new Gunsmith, then tap the power of the Weapon Paintshop to give your weapon a signature look.

Get Black Ops 3 Free

That’s right, just like the last several releases going back to the first Call of Duty Black Ops, we are going to be giving away free copies of this sure to be blockbuster hit by Activision and Treyarch.

How many will we give away? Well that depends on how many people register.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Just Announced!

That’s right, Activision recently announced that this years release of the ever dominant Call of Duty franchise will be Black Ops III.  Rumor is that it will feature the return of Nazi Zombies as well as Mason (at least that’s how the official teaser trailer reveals).  Activision plans to formally reveal more details about Black Ops 3 on Sunday, April 26, which you will be able to see on the official website Call of Duty Black Ops III.

Of course you’ll most likely have to wait until November to get it, but like the other releases the wait will be well worth it.  As soon as the pre-order is available we’ll have them up.

However, just like we have done for the past five years, you sign up on our mailing list and be included in the list of potentials that will get it free.  Check this page frequently and watch for the registration to open soon!