Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Official Trailer

Okay, so by now most everyone has seen the official Call of Duty Infinite Warfare game trailer, and as of this post it has 2.9 millions dislikes!  Yep, you read that right, 2.9 million dislikes.  The ONLY video with more dislikes is the official Justin Bieber Baby music video, which that I can truly understand.

So why all the hate?  Many are stating it’s because it has become even more futuristic, with part of the action taking place in space.  So what’s wrong with that?  Two of the top ten best selling Xbox games are Halo, which is set 100% in the future with aliens and what not.

Yet others are stating Call of Duty is not staying true to it’s roots.  Okay, so we had several games which touched on World War II, then transitioned into the present day with Modern Warfare, and flipped back to Vietnam and other skirmishes with Black Ops.  What are they supposed to do now, cover the Battle of 1812 or French Revolution?  It only makes sense that this is the way they take the franchise.

Will it be the death of the series?  I highly doubt it, and I’m sure on November 4th I’ll be playing it along side millions of other gamers, despite all the hate being displayed.

Here’s the video if you have not seen it:


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