COD: Infinite Warfare the MOST Anticipated Game of 2016?

Well unless you have actually been living on Mars, by now you certainly know that COD: Infinite Warfare released to the worst reviews of ANY game in the history of the franchise (see my post Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Official Trailer) and recorded the 2nd most hated video EVER on Youtube (right behind Justin Beiber, which is rightfully so)!

However as more and more of the game details have been released, it appears fans of the game are changing their tunes.  In a recent poll by the financial firm Piper Jaffray, 100 Xbox One and PS4 gamers were polled about the games they were most looking forward to that are set to release in the fall.  From these, 33% of those that responded said they were most excited about the release of Infinite Warfare, a much higher percentage than Battlefield 1, Titan Fall, Ghost Recon or any other game, thus making COD: Infinite Warfare the most anticipated game of 2016.

As I’ve stated in the past, Call of Duty literally about the only game I play on Xbox One, so you know what I’ll be playing when it releasing in November!  What will you be playing???

Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty Player Total Game Time Played

So I came across an interesting story.

Based on the number of players that have played Call of Duty and the number of hours spent playing, it appears that collectively they have logged more hours played than humankind has been in existence! Aside from that, the player base for Call of Duty players worldwide is larger than numerous country’s total population!

I know these stats sound crazy, but based on mine and my son’s game play I can certainly believe it.  One can literally log on any time and anywhere and find players actively playing the game, especially on Xbox.  Heck, there are even players that still  play the older Call of Duty games online, and I’m sure this is a trend that will continue for a long time.

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Source: Humankind Has Spent More More Time Playing Call of Duty Than It Has Existed On Earth