rave in the redwoods

Rave in the Redwoods DLC1 Zombie Pack

Hey Call of Duty fans, looks like the first download pack for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies will include Rave in the Redwoods, which sets the players into a cabin in the woods type setting, much compared to a 80s horror movie.  New weapons too, including golf clubs, axes, bats with nails in it and more!



Hmmm, could we see Jason Voorhees come out in this map?

Sneak Peek at the New Infinite Warfare Weapons

A while back Game Informer gave a sneak peek at the new COD: Infinite Warfare weapons.  Activision has not gone too overboard with these as some futuristic games, keeping the look of some to what is currently available to public in real life.  Sure there will be some energy weapons, but hey, why wouldn’t outer space have that?  Besides, the military currently is testing this type of technology, so the reality it’s not too far off base.

So lets take a look at what has been leaked:

Kendall Ballistics: This is the most traditional manufacturer, creating military-grade fare that will be immediately recognizable to Call of Duty fans and weapon gurus. These are more like futuristic takes on weapons that are even available today, like a M4 outfitted with an OLED GPS display.

Mashimo: For lack of a better term, Mashimo is the “budget” energy weapon manufacturer. That doesn’t make their guns any less effective or desirable, though. These are high-energy, fast-firing weapons that can support multiple functionality, like a submachine-gun that you can tilt to the side to let loose a shotgun blast. Because you’re using energy, you can unleash a stream of gunfire and then just unload the rest of your pack for some close-range punch. Energy presents interesting ammo management choices as well, as you can expend a magazine, then place your power cell into your recharge pack to start getting extra value.

Fujiwara: If Mashimo is the budget car, Fujiwara is the Ferrari.  These are high class energy weapons with extravagant designs and elaborate options. We’ll see some of the coolest and most “out there” weapon designs from this manufacturer, including the MOD2. It’s a submachine gun effective at mid/long ranges that you can rotate and pull in half to turn into dual pistols, perfect for when the fight gets close.

EDI/Atomic Dynamics: These two manufacturers focus on experimental weapons and secret prototypes, so when you’re looking for the heavy hitters these are the go-to options.  EDI’s variants are high quality stuff, while Atomic Dynamics works with more raw materials, yielding guns with lots of exposed parts. When you’re dealing with rail guns and charge weaponry, it’s all about substance over style.

Of course there will be usual array of upgrades and customization available to player, and like many other games of past, these will either be loved or hated.

Activision Not Worried About Infinite Warfare Hate

So in my last post Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Official Trailer I talked about how there is so much hate for the game merely based on the fact that some of it is set in outer space.  I also talked about how I believe that aside from all this hate the game will still be a success.  Well in a recent interview, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg discussed the same matter, where he compared this to the pre-release views of Black Ops II.  Black Ops II then had the worst reviews of any previous Call of Duty release, yet ultimately turned out to be one of the most successful in the series.

Besides that, with the remastering of COD: Modern Warfare, which will not be released on it’s own, will almost ensure this to be a top seller….mark my words.  Be sure to register to get Infinite Warfare free through the exchange of mission points earned on this site.